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Cardiff Sports Massage

Our Treatments

A typical sports massage session will involve a short consultation to determine where your discomfort/pain/tension is and to find out which movements make the problem worse or better.

The therapist will then palpate (or examine through their touch) the area, in order to sense further which muscles or tendons require massage.

You will be given an outline of the type of techniques which the therapist feels will be beneficial for you and some alternative options will be provided where possible.

Typical techniques used will involve:

  • stroking and kneading the area with varied depths to warm and increase blood flow

  • compressing and pressure techniques to release tension from a specific spot

  • stretching techniques to lengthen the muscles fibres and give greater range of movement

You, the client, will be in total control at all times and the therapist will use his/her skills within your range of comfort and tolerance.

*PLEASE NOTE if you have never had massage before: best results are obtained through direct skin contact - you will be required to remove items of clothing to allow the therapist to apply techniques directly to the skin/muscle areas. Towels will be used to drape your limbs/torso etc., to protect privacy and to give you maximum comfort.